• Geoff Sharpe

Being a Leftist Journalist in Canada's Corporate Media with Jeremy Appel

Being a leftist in corporate media can be hard. Being a leftist in corporate media while also working in Alberta is really hard.

In this episode, I talk to Albertan journalist and podcaster Jeremy Appel about his experiences working at the Medicine Hat News, his transition to independent freelancing and podcasting, his experience working at the Toronto Sun, whether the left can change corporate media and what our community can learn from mainstream media.

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2:45 - Jeremy's time at Medicine Hat News and why the Conservatives dislike him

16:25 - Can the left work within corporate media and have our ideas heard?

21:19 - The lack of local leftist media

24:50 - The lack of left local news

29:07 - Jeremy's transition from mainstream to independent media 

33:54 - The lack of criticism of media pundits

33:56 - Aesthetics in left media and the need to be less serious

44:04 - How left media can engage with non-leftists

41:59 - A rant about the Toronto Sun, The Star and corporate media 

50:15 - Should the left and independent media try to operate within institutional power structures?

54:13 - Differences between left and right columnists

58:15 - What can the left learn from mainstream media 

62:19 - Advice for leftist journalists in mainstream media

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