• Geoff Sharpe

Building a YouTube channel with David Doel

David Doel runs the Rational National, a YouTube channel he's grown to over 300,000 subscribers.

David joined me to talk about how he got started with YouTube, his experiences building and monetizing his show, the challenges he's faced along the way and advice he has for people looking to build their own channel.


Rational National - YouTube channel

Show contents

4:10 - What lead him to YouTube

8:20 - Persuading and educating non-leftist

10:45 - How he chooses show topics

12:40 - Challenges he faced building a YouTube channel

17:10 - New YouTube features

19:20 - The role of livestreaming 

21:18 - Growing his audience

24:50 - Differentiation between David and other shows

27:10 - A normal day as a YouTuber

31:50 - Balancing YouTube and your life

37:27 - Ways to generate revenue

38:54 - The role of community in YouTube

40:08 - Why he isn't following the Young Turks model

42:40 - Where left media is going

46:14 - Why the right has been successful online

52:13 - Advice to people starting out

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