• Geoff Sharpe

How to Use Reddit with r/CanadaLeft

In this episode, I talk to Jordan and Matt, two of the people behind CanadaLeft, a subreddit building a leftist community of Canadian content and stories.

We talked about why they started CanadaLeft, what is Reddit, how to manage a community and why it’s such a useful platform.

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Contents 1:40 - Why launch CanadaLeft  4:00 - The structure of Reddit, why it works  7:32 - Structure of Reddit, managing a community 10:23 - Role of moderators 11:42 - How do you build a Reddit community 13:46 - Keeping community members engaged 16:05 - How to promote your content on Reddit 18:40 - r/Canada 21:20 - Is the left using Reddit properly? 26:22 - Advice for leftist media people when using Reddit

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