• Geoff Sharpe

Running a Physical Publication w/ Briarpatch

As newspapers die and online publications grow, a funny thing is happening: leftist physical publications are thriving. Outlets like Jacobin and Current Affairs are building entire outlets on magazine subscriptions. So why is this?

In this episode, I speak to the team behind Briarpatch, a leftist magazine based out of Regina, Canada.

We discuss why physical publications can be successful in an age of online media, the importance of having a niche topical focus rather than just being broad, and nitty-gritty process and economics behind physical publications.

2:25 - The role of editor and publisher

12:00 - Publishing with a small team

16:07 - Publishing process

18:12 - Advertising within your publication

20:40 - Online vs magazine audience

25:26 - Importance of topic/region specificity

31:01 - Balancing reporting and activism

34:10 - Shaping news vs reporting

39:28 - Costs and economics of physical publications

Follow Saima and John and check out Briarpatch today.

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